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Welcome To Hawt Hosting

Where Elegance, Grace and First Class Professionalism is delivered. Let the Host with the Most add spice to your next event. She specializes in all professional events such as Seminars, Weddings, Engagements, Workshops, Galas, Private Events, School/Church Functions, Retirement Celebrations and many more. It is everyone's dream to have a successful event, therefore, it is with great pleasure that Natasha Myla welcomes you to Hawt Hosting.


Hawt Hosting is a company with a passion for entertaining and creating positive energy. The goal is to execute the perfect event you envisioned with content that resonates with your guests. Your Host mission is to successfully keep your event on schedule as well as dealing with the unexpected. Hawt Hosting collaborates with various event  planners and production team to execute the success of the event while managing audience engagement .  


Dr. Natasha Myla, Your Hawt Host

Celebrating The Murads

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